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Megabarre Europe

Megabarre Group is the new multinational reality in the busbar trunking system’s landscape. In 2011 Megabarre Group has evolved thanks to the acquisition of BBI Electric S.p.A., an important Italian company known for their consistency and vast knowledge in this sector, by Megabarre Industria de Equipamentos Electrocos Ltda, a key player in the worldwide electrical systems field with its headquarters in Brazil.

Megabarre Group represents the perfect fusion of global access, highly-qualified service personnel that work with impeccable efficiency. These attributes allows them to optimize their time and costs, all to its partners benefit. In addition, all of its products are certified and of the highest quality to ensure the utmost confidence of the market.

Megabarre Group sells busbar trunking systems from 25A to 5000A. Megabarre Group has its manufacturing plants in Italy, Brazil and Chile as well as a branch office in China, which allows for the prompt processing of any kind of orders all over the world.