Busbar Trunking System

Busbar specialists


History of the company

We are back in 2011, when Megabarre group buoght BBI Electric SpA, then became Megabarre Europe. The company, since 2012 is committed to developing new commercial areas and innovate their products, providing a flexible and customized service to our customers. Commercial development has been continuous and now Megabarre Europe is one of the major Busbar manufacturer.


  • + 20% in 2012
  • + 60% in 2013
  • + 40% in 2014


  • 12% sales ITALY
  • 88% EXPORT sales in 50 countries

R & D:

  • Every year is reinvested 3% of sales in R & D

"The current and frenzied market trends need a constant improvement of the performances which must be always queried and submitted to the judgments of the markets.  

According to Megabarre’s team, this means a continuous monitoring of the market in order to anticipate the requests by offering a product and a service always in the vanguard to our partners.

In order to achieve these goals, we believe in our human resources composed of our collaborators and of a high-expertise international sales network."

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